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Dick J. Reavis on Mark Rudd’s ‘Underground,’ and the 1969 SDS Split

Bernardine Dohrn, of the Radical Youth Movement faction of SDS — and later of Weatherman — addresses the SDS convention in Chicago in 1969, at which the Progressive Labor Party was “expelled.” Mark Rudd, author of Underground, is to Dohrn’s … Continue reading

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Judy Gumbo Albert : It’s ‘Celebrate 60s Radicals’ Week!

Judy Gumbo with (left) Stew Albert and Jerry Rubin, May, 1971. Photo from yippiegirl.com.In California this week, book signings, an historic poster exhibition, a theatrical event and a ‘Champion of Justice’ award all shine a light on Sixties activists and … Continue reading

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Rudd: Put the War Budget Into Peace, Diplomacy, Law, and Sustainable Energy Development

Mark Rudd.Pacifism and The Military-Industrial-University Complex: Interviewing Mark RuddBy Bob Feldman / The Rag Blog / April 7, 2009 Mark Rudd was the chairman of the Columbia University chapter of Students for a Democratic Society [SDS] at the time of … Continue reading

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BOOKS / Jonah Raskin on Mark Rudd : Underground, Again

Underground, AgainMark Rudd’s ‘Underground: My Life with SDS and the Weathermen’ A charismatic individual with very little sustained radical organizing, he came out of nowhere at a crucial moment in the 1960s and was instantly catapulted into the national spotlight. … Continue reading

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Thomas Good : An Interview With Mark Rudd

Mark Rudd speaks at the West End Bar in New York last week. Photo by Thomas Good / NLN. Beneath the gray beard and the wrinkles I could clearly see the boyish face of the 20-year-old SDS leader. By Thomas … Continue reading

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Mark Rudd : Let’s Get Smart About Obama

In structuring his presidential campaign, Obama adapted methods he learned as a community organizer in the streets of Chicago. ‘He has a narrow mandate for change, without any direction specified. What he’s doing now is moving on the most popular … Continue reading

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Mark Rudd : Thoughts on 2012

‘The Republicans are leaving Obama with a mess…’ Drawing by Doug Potter.Obama’s second term: ‘a diverse group of people are working on a progressive agenda within the Demo Party that demands a second New Deal.’By Mark Rudd / The Rag … Continue reading

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And Only the Light Should Be Seen

What’s a Moratorium?by Mark Rudd & Doug Viehmeyer It’s an odd word for a political tactic: it means a time out, a break. It was dreamed up in 1969, at the height of the Vietnam War by people who had … Continue reading

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