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Mike Davis : No More Bubblegum

Nada’s magic glasses in John Carpenter’s They Live.No more bubblegum:Occupy Wall Street’s magic glasses As [John] Carpenter foresaw, force enough Americans out of their homes and/or careers… and something new and huge will begin to slouch toward Goldman Sachs. By … Continue reading

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Mike Davis : The Eloquence of Carl Oglesby

Carl Oglesby. Image from Kngine.Eloquent orator of the New Left:Remembering Carl Oglesby Carl Oglesby sadly left this world Tuesday morning after a long bout with cancer. President of SDS from 1965-66, he was a passionate American radical and one of … Continue reading

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Mike Davis : The Embers of September

Embers. Image from Wikimedia Commons.The Embers of September By Mike Davis / The Rag Blog / September 8, 2011 Ten years ago, Lower Manhattan became the Sarajevo of the War on Terrorism. Although conscience recoils against making an equation between … Continue reading

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VERSE / Mike Davis : A R I Z O N A

Arizona’s Sheriff Joe. Image from The News Junkie. ARIZONA 1. Cochise, son of the oak,(Guchiish)AriseThe desert cries for justice (We must scalp Sheriff Joe) Lt. Bascom hung your brother and nephewsFed their eyes to the ravensAnd their feet to the … Continue reading

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Mike Davis : Note to Obama: ‘Futurama’ Has to Wait Its Turn

‘We are now at a crash site, and our priority should be to save the victims, not change the tires or repair the fender, much less build a new car.’By Mike Davis / November 21, 2008 America’s “Futurama” is defunct. … Continue reading

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Mike Davis : Can Obama See the Grand Canyon?

‘Like the Grand Canyon’s first explorers, we are looking into an unprecedented abyss of economic and social turmoil that confounds our previous perceptions of historical risk.’By Mike Davis / October 19, 2008 Let me begin, very obliquely, with the Grand … Continue reading

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