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Chellis Glendinning :
A radical imagination: Dilemmas and desire while reading Pedro Susz

Pedro Susz is like a diamond; he has many facets… ‘Para una filosofía de la insubordinación’ reveals the rare mind that integrates erudition with vision. By Chellis Glendinning | The Rag Blog | February 19, 2014 Pedro Susz is like … Continue reading

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Jonah Raskin : Lay Monk Tolbert McCarroll on the Pope, the Church, and the Crisis in Catholicism

Brother Toby at Starcross Community. Interview with Brother Toby:Author, heretic, and spiritual pilgrim at Starcross Community “The Catholic Church today is an absolute monarchy and an absolute patriarchy that puts you right back in the Medieval Ages.” — Tolbert McCarroll By … Continue reading

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Jim Rigby : Religion is No Longer Adequate

The Dalai Lama. Image from Nulla dies sine linea.Dalai Lama:Religion is no longer adequate There is a growing realization that something is being born in between what we call “religion” and what we call “atheism.” By Jim Rigby | The … Continue reading

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Paul Krassner : My Lesson in Mindfulness

Satirist Paul Krassner performs at a 2010 benefit for the Peace and Freedom Party.My Lesson in Mindfulness By Paul Krassner / The Rag Blog / June 30, 2011 In 1979, my life changed while I was covering the trial of … Continue reading

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Ven. Sevan Ross : A Buddhist’s View of Wage Theft

Ven. Sevan Ross, on right, with Unitarian Universalist minister James Ford. Photo from Monkey Mind.A Buddhist’s view of wage theftRight Livelihood and paying people what’s right As long as we regard each other not as humans but as the “other,” … Continue reading

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Monks, not Junta, Providing Relief in Myanmar

A monk organized relief donations this week for people left homeless by the cyclone. This monastery, outside of Yangon, has become a temporary shelter. Photo by AP.In desperate times, Burmese turn to their monks KUN WAN, Myanmar / May 30, … Continue reading

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