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Richard Raznikov : Keep the ‘Change,’ Barack

Label this! Image from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.Label this!Keep the ‘change,’ Barack I wonder whether the writer knew that Obama has appointed Monsanto’s chief lobbyist and a corporate vice president to serve as the ‘food safety czar’ of the Food … Continue reading

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The Individual Mandate : Unconstitutional, and an Alarming Precedent

Health insurance: The individual mandate. Illustration from Slate.Going too far?Health care reform and the individual mandate If Congress gets away with this, there is no stopping point and Big Business will have succeeded in making Americans into involuntary consumers whenever … Continue reading

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The Last Days of Dubya : Plunder and Run

The Bush gang’s parting gift: a final, frantic looting of public wealth.By Naomi Klein / October 31, 2008 The US bail-out amounts to a strings-free, public-funded windfall for big business. Welcome to no-risk capitalism. In the final days of the … Continue reading

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Corporate America Prepares for Battle Against Progressive Labor Legislation

Big business building massive war chest to stop Employee Free Choice Act and other efforts to put a check on corporate powerBy Joshua Holland There is nothing more terrifying to corporate America than the prospect of dealing with its workforce … Continue reading

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Democrats and Labor : Wal*Mart Running Scared

Of all companies to be whining about money. WAL*MART the so-called American company with 600 factories in CHINA and zero in America, they have the audacity to be pushing this line on their underpaid front-line employees. While Lee Scott and … Continue reading

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Great Liberal Hope? Pilger and Hamilton on Obama

Any of you Obama supporters care to deconstruct Pilger’s argument on the matter of Senator Obama? I remain open-minded, and ever-eager to be “born again.” Doug Zachary / The Rag Blog / June 3, 2008 [David Hamilton and Scott Trimble … Continue reading

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