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Newsroom Layoffs : Black Journalists Take Hardest Hits

Controversial sports analyst Stephen A. Smith — once a rising star at ESPN radio and television — is leaving the air because he refused a pay cut. With all the hair-pulling about the demise of the print media, and especially … Continue reading

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Look for It : The Unemployment Channel

TALL Funding Proposal A-0001: The Unemployment Channel (UC) By Greg Moses / The Rag Blog / April 21, 2009 Ah, the common folk. How we do pile up. Come May Day 2009 there will be about 14 million unemployed, twice … Continue reading

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Washington Retraining Programs Unfunded Until July

And it’s reasonable to speculate that this is happening across the country. It says everything about national priorities that we put billions into bailing out financial institutions, some of which are demonstrably corrupt, but those individuals who need funding for … Continue reading

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Economic Stimulus : Try Whips and Chains

Graphic courtesy of The Daily Beast.Kinkonomics: With staff jobs evaporating and former nine-to-fivers cobbling together incomes through scattered side projects, freelancing as a dominatrix — or “pro-domme,” as industry types prefer to call it — has become a plausible gig … Continue reading

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Post-Bailout : Why the Stock Market Still Plunged

Unemployment, tempera on paper by Ben Shahn, 1938. © Private Collection/Christie’s Images / The Bridgeman Art Library.It’s the economy, stupid….By Steve Russell / The Rag Blog / October 4, 2008 Why, I was asked off line, did the market dive … Continue reading

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Bleak News on Employment Front : Jobless Rate Soars

Theodore Harmon, left, helps Solomon Boyd with a job application as the two look for work at the New York State Department of Labor office in Harlem. Photo by David Goldman / NYT.Economist Jared Bernstein: ‘Working families are in trouble’By … Continue reading

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