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PTSD and the Military : Soldiers Go AWOL to Get Help

Photo illustration by Jennifer Clampet / USAG Wiesbaden Public Affairs.Military health care inadequate:GI’s go AWOL for PTSD treatmentBy Dahr Jamail / December 13, 2009 MARFA, Texas — With a military health care system over-stretched by two ongoing wars in Afghanistan … Continue reading

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John Ross : Days of Dementia in Obamalandia

The Zhu Zhu virtual hamster: Dementia in Obamalandia. Photo by Rex Larsen / The Grand Rapids Press.On the loose in Obamalandia:Days of Dementia (‘Is the war over yet?’) Yes, Baracko, the economy is booming again for Chinese-made mechanical hamsters but … Continue reading

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Harm’s Way : Escalation and the GI Suicide Crisis

Mental health and the suicide rate:Sending soldiers into harm’s way By Michael Anthony / The Rag Blog / December 4, 2009 President Obama recently stated that sending more troops into harm’s way in Afghanistan is a solemn decision — one … Continue reading

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Rabbi Arthur Waskow : Fort Hood and the Prophetic ‘IF’

These battle-weary troops from the 1st Air Cav had just staged a “combat refusal” at the PACE firebase in Vietnam. There were also countless instances of “fragging” against officers by Vietnam GI’s. Photo from NAM – The Story of the … Continue reading

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A Morally Bankrupt Military : Spc. Alexis Hutchinson and Pvt. Paul Rich

Army Spc. Alexis Hutchinson. Below, Alexis with son Kamani Hutchinson. Photos from Oakland Tribune.U.S. Army:Infant to protective services, mom to Afghanistan By Dahr Jamail / November 16, 2009 See ‘Morally bankrupt military: When soldiers and their families become expendable,’ by … Continue reading

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Neo-Nazis : You’re in the Army Now

Iraq veteran Forrest Fogarty sailed through recruitment despite his neo-Nazi tattoos. Photo by Matt Kennard / salon.com.Neo-Nazis are in the Army now Why the U.S. military is ignoring its own regulations and permitting white supremacists to join its ranks. By … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2009 : Ashes, Stones and Flowers

In Memory of All Victims of War and Terrorism:Ashes, Stones, and Flowers By Rabbi Arthur Waskow and Rev. Patricia PearceThe Rag Blog / May 25, 2009 For vibrant lives suddenly and shamelessly sacrificed, we lift up the ashes of our … Continue reading

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Ralph Solonitz : Memorial Day

Political cartoon by Ralph Solonitz / The Rag Blog / May 23, 2009. [Ralph Solonitz’ cartoons also appear at MadasHellClub.net.]The Rag Blog

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New Reports : Did KBR Poison GIs in Iraq?

Welder testing for hexavalent chromium. Photo by Orbital Joe.In 2003, James Gentry and his men were responsible for guarding a KBR-run power plant. The soldiers were stationed there for months before being informed that the site was contaminated with a … Continue reading

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Casey Porter : Stop-Lossed in Iraq

Eddy Porter holds a photo of his son, U.S. Army Spc. Casey Porter, who is returning for his second tour of duty in Iraq under the Department of Defense’s “Stop-Loss” program. Photo by Ronald W. Erdrich / Abiline Reporter-News.Casey Porter … Continue reading

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FILM : Ben McKenzie in ‘Johnny Got His Gun’

Cindy Thomas of the Fort Hood Support Network with Ben McKenzie after the premiere of “Johnny Got His Gun” in Austin. Photo by Alice Embree / The Rag Blog.Johnny Got His Gun ‘is a starkly powerful film based on a … Continue reading

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BOOKS : Iraq Occupation Through Eyes of U.S. Soldiers

‘I remember one woman walking by… She had been trying to bring us food and we blew her to pieces’By Dahr Jamail / September 17, 2008 MARFA, Texas – Aside from the Iraqi people, nobody knows what the U.S. military … Continue reading

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