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Dave Zirin :
SPORT | Pat Tillman, the Boston Marathon, and a Tale of Two Anniversaries

Two upcoming sports anniversaries contain elements of tragedy, honor, and courage. But one won’t get much attention. By Dave Zirin | The Rag Blog | April 15, 2014 Two wrenching anniversaries loom in the world of sports. Both are in … Continue reading

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Clare Bayard : Soldiers Charge Troops Unprepared for Deployment

Troops in Afghanistan: How prepared are they? Photo by Brennan Linsley /AP.Army Weak:Reserve members facing deploymentCharge their company not fit for battle By Clare Bayard / The Rag Blog / August 12, 2010 See ‘A call to action at Fort … Continue reading

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KBR and the Army : Rewarding Incompetence and Scandal

Image from Ms. Sparky.Repeating bad behavior:Houston’s KBR gets $2.8 billion contract By Ted McLaughlin / The Rag Blog / March 7, 2010 It looks like the United States Army is incapable of learning from past mistakes. On Tuesday, the Army … Continue reading

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A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

The picture By David Cox / Mar 2, 2010 I want you to look very closely at this picture and try and keep it in your minds eye. This was a perfectly healthy 22-year-old young man who in the service … Continue reading

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A Morally Bankrupt Military : Spc. Alexis Hutchinson and Pvt. Paul Rich

Army Spc. Alexis Hutchinson. Below, Alexis with son Kamani Hutchinson. Photos from Oakland Tribune.U.S. Army:Infant to protective services, mom to Afghanistan By Dahr Jamail / November 16, 2009 See ‘Morally bankrupt military: When soldiers and their families become expendable,’ by … Continue reading

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The Army Will Increase Its Size by 22,000

I think we would call this throwing good money after bad. A million other ways to spend it, but this is what the establishment chooses. Richard Jehn / The Rag Blog Iraq. Photo: Michael Kamber.Gates announces temporary increase in U.S. … Continue reading

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Honduran Coup Leaders Reportedly Trained at U.S. Army School in Georgia

Reported Honduras coup leader General Romeo Vasquez trained at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation at Fort Benning, Georgia.Key leaders of Honduras military coup trained in U.S. The Georgia-based U.S. military school is infamous for training over 60,000 Latin … Continue reading

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Twitter: Diabolical Terrorist Tool?

Army surveillance photo of Twitter terrorist conspiring with comrades.Army report: ‘Twitter was recently used as a countersurveillance, command and control, and movement tool by activists at the Republican National Convention.’By William Michael Hanks / The Rag Blog / October 26, … Continue reading

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Houston : Army Recruiter Suspended for Threatening High School Student

Recorded threat sparks bipartisan call for investigationA story involving an Army recruiter in Texas last week has led to a bipartisan call for an investigation. The recruiter from the Greenspoint Recruiting Station in Houston was suspended after a recording of … Continue reading

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Strained by War, U.S. Army Promotes Unqualified Soldiers

U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Sarah De Boise.A shortage of skilled sergeants has led to dubious promotions for inexperienced soldiers — even jeopardizing some operations in Iraq. By Bill Sasser / July 30, 2008 America’s military commitment in Iraq and … Continue reading

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