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Sudanese Journalist : Seven Years at Guantanamo was ‘Living Hell’

Above, supporters of Sami Al’Hajj unfurl banner during Al’Hajj’s 2008 hunger strike. Below, Al Jazeera interviews Sami Al’Hajj at the Doha International Airport in Quatar, May 30, 2008. Photo by omar_chatriwala / Flickr.Journalist Al’Hajj describes Guantanamo detentionBefore international war crimes … Continue reading

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Losing Our Humor Over Guantanamo

On Guantánamo, Lawmakers Reveal They Are Still Dick Cheney’s PawnsBy Andy Worthington / October 6, 2009 I like to believe that, despite studying Guantánamo for four years, I still have a sense of humor, but last Thursday I lost it, … Continue reading

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Christianity: Happy, Happy Hypocrisy to Live By

Christians Largely Mum on TortureBy Ray McGovern / July 31, 2009 Anyone harboring doubts that the institutional Church is riding shotgun for the system, even regarding heinous sin like torture, should be chastened by the results of a recent survey … Continue reading

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Moral High Ground: Elusive for the US Government

I will take some issue with Professor Cole, insofar as he does not acknowledge the extent of the bad behaviour by the United States government over the years, regardless of the political party in control. He writes as though it … Continue reading

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Another ‘Mistake’ in Amerikkka’s War of Terror

Abu Zubaida pictured shortly after he was captured in Pakistan. He appears to be bloodied and on some type of stretcher. Source: ABC News.CIA Mistaken on ‘High-Value’ Detainee, Document ShowsBy Peter Finn and Julie Tate / June 16, 2009 An … Continue reading

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St. Augustine of Hippo on the Practice of Torture

St. Augustine, as painted by the Italian painter Sandro Botticelli in 1480 / 1902encyclopedia.com.St. Augustine on torture, with an afterword by Willie Nelson By William Michael Hanks / The Rag Blog / June 14, 2009 Over 1,500 years ago Augustine … Continue reading

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Guantanamo Prisoners Shaming Washington

I can think of very little that is more disgusting than the words of a former commander of the Guantanamo facility (which I missed when they were uttered in June 2006). He said that three detainee suicides were not acts … Continue reading

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New Abu Ghraib Photos Said to Depict Graphic Rape Scenes

Previously released photo from Abu Ghraib prison. The new photos, many reportedly depicting sexual abuse, are said to be much worse. Photo from Telegraph, U.K.Photographs which Barack Obama is attempting to censor include images of apparent rape and sexual abuse, … Continue reading

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Mancow on Waterboarding : ‘I Would Have Said Anything to Make it Stop’

Mancow on Olbermann. Below, waterboard denier Sean Hannity. Photo by Douglas C. Pizac / AP.Mancow: Hannity called me after I was waterboarded and said, ‘It’s still not Torture’ By Satyam Khanna / May 27, 2009 With Keith Olbermann Video. Last … Continue reading

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Talk Show Host Waterboarded : ‘It Was Instantaneous… Absolutely Torture’

Right-Wing Radio Host Gets Waterboarded, and Lasts Six Seconds Before Saying It’s TortureBy John Byrne / May 22, 2009. Host Erich Muller says “It was instantaneous…and I don’t want to say this: absolutely torture.” Chicago radio host Erich “Mancow” Muller … Continue reading

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Noam Chomsky : The Torture Memos and Historical Amnesia

Photo from Foreign Policy.The torture memos and historical amnesia Unexceptional Americans: Why we can’t see the trees or the forest By Noam Chomsky / May 19, 2009 The torture memos released by the White House elicited shock, indignation, and surprise. … Continue reading

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Life During Wartime : Ode to a Changed Mind

Political cartoon by Joshua Brown / Historians Against the War / The Rag BlogThanks to Dr. S.R. Keister /The Rag Blog

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